Defending You Against DUI Charges

WhitecottonA DUI charge can have repercussions in your professional and personal life. At Whitecotton Law Corporation in Irvine, California, our attorneys represent clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription medication and illegal substances. We will use our experience fighting DUI charges to protect your driving privileges and help you avoid substantial penalties.

DUI Doesn't Just Mean Drunk Driving

Most people know that driving while drunk can result in a DUI. However, many drivers do not know that you can be charged with DUI for reckless or dangerous driving that results from the use or abuse of prescription medication or illegal drugs. In fact, the proportion of DUIs involving drug abuse now amounts to almost half of the total cases statewide.

We have successfully represented many clients accused of driving under the influence of prescription or illegal drugs. This includes cases involving additional criminal allegations such as marijuana possession or prescription drug charges. In these situations, we use our extensive legal knowledge and criminal defense experience to build comprehensive and effective cases.

Avoid Serious Consequences And Protect Your License

With any DUI charge, your license is at risk of suspension. For the most serious charges, this suspension can last for years, preventing you from operating a vehicle for any purpose. This is in addition to a potential fine and raised insurance costs once you are able to drive again. Those with serious or multiple DUI offenses may face especially harsh punishments, including jail time.

Our experienced lawyers will work hard to explore alternative sentencing with the prosecution to keep you out of jail. We have had great success negotiating reduced penalties for clients charged with serious DUI offenses, such as community service, attending classes or enrolling in a rehab program.

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Our experience can help you protect your license and avoid jail time after being charged with DUI. Get strong representation from a firm that cares about your future — call 949-438-6123 today to speak to us about your case or complete our online contact form to arrange an initial appointment. Whitecotton Law Corporation also specializes in International Law.