Legal Support During A Family Law Crisis

At Whitecotton Law Corporation, our legal team helps Orange County residents resolve family law issues such as divorce (known in California as dissolution), legal separation, child support, custody and visitation disputes, and domestic violence restraining orders. Since 2000, we have also assisted our clients with premarital agreements, issues involving Child Protective Services, and matters related to domestic violence and restraining orders.

WhitecottonDealing with a family law issue can be emotionally exhausting. If you are facing the dissolution of your marriage, a conflict over spousal support, domestic violence or any other family law issue, we are here to help. Your attorney will guide you through the legal process and ensure that your interests and rights are protected.

Compassionate Counsel During Marital Dissolution

The end of a marriage is an emotionally trying time. Our attorneys are here to support you throughout the process, from helping you make the right choice between dissolution, legal separation and annulment to representing you at court hearings.

One of our main goals is to ensure that children are protected from the destabilizing effects of a breakup. We can assist you with making child support, custody and visitation arrangements that work for everyone involved and provide the best possible support to your children.

Many people are concerned about the division of property during a dissolution or legal separation. With counsel from our experienced legal team, you can take care of your financial interests and ensure that you receive a fair share of the marital assets.

Family Law Disputes Can Be Overcome — Contact Our Firm Today

Whitecotton Law Corporation can help you resolve and overcome child custody and visitation disputes, same-sex marital dissolution and other family law matters. We speak Spanish and can accommodate non-English speakers. Call 949-438-6123 to speak to an experienced and compassionate family lawyer, or arrange an appointment online. Whitecotton Law Corporation also specializes in International Law.