Addressing Child Custody, Support And Alimony Disputes

The dissolution of a marriage can lead to disputes over many issues. For many parents, the biggest concern is protecting their children from the negative fallout of a separation. Making custody and visitation arrangements can be stressful for the entire family, and disputes over child support and spousal support can affect the quality of a child's upbringing.

WhitecottonWhitecotton Law Corporation offers highly personalized support and legal counsel to parents who wish to ensure the well-being of their children after the dissolution of their marriage. Our attorneys will guide you through the legal process and make sure that your children's best interests are taken care of.

Making Child Custody And Visitation Arrangements

In California, there are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody governs the right to have input on how children are raised. This includes making decisions related to their education, religious upbringing and health care. Physical custody defines a child's residential situation after a dissolution. This can affect parenting time and visitation agreements.

California courts encourage parents to share both legal and physical custody whenever possible. If there is a disagreement on custodial arrangements, the court will consider the facts of the case and provide a judgment. We will represent you strongly in any custody hearings to protect the rights and interests of you and your children.

Child Support And Spousal Support Issues

When parents separate, the court may order one partner to make regular payments toward the children's support. He or she may also be required to provide regular spousal support payments (often known as alimony) to the other partner.

Our lawyers will help you ensure that these payments are fair and reasonable. If you are entitled to child support or spousal support payments that go unpaid, we will take action to ensure that your former partner meets his or her responsibilities.

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